Scott comes in with a bang

Sussex East’s latest addition, Sussex Central High School’s Brian Scott, has only played five games with the Warriors. But his presence has already been felt.

Coastal Point • RUSLANA LAMBERT: Brian Scott rounds the bases in a recent American Legion game.Coastal Point • RUSLANA LAMBERT
Brian Scott rounds the bases in a recent American Legion game.
He has had six hits, scored five runs, stolen a base, belted in three RBI’s and has drawn two walks in only 10 at-bats.

“I played with Brian in AAU ball and I can tell you that he’s a great addition,” Sussex East teammate Zac Spece said. (Spece also played AAU ball with Sussex East’s C.J. Bell and Martez Hagans.)

“There could be a tight situation in the outfield where there’s a runner at second and the play’s going home, and he has the speed to cover the ground and make a play,” Spece said of Scott.

“There’s no substitute for speed,” he continued.

Scott’s speedy legs get him in position to make the routine plays look easy, but when he’s in high gear, he can also make a spectacular play.

Down 7-6 to R.C. DuPont in the bottom of the fifth, with one out already, Michael Grantham smacked a 1-2 pitch into mid-to-shallow leftfield, in what looked like a sure base hit. But Scott, up on his horse, charged in for the sliding catch.

Had he not made the catch, the ball might have rolled past or deflected off him, making it a difficult recovery for either Scott or the centerfielder.

With so many versatile players on the team, a number of players rotate in and out of the outfield to maximize the lineup. And though Scott hasn’t ever played right field, he’s confident that he can master whatever position he’s put in.

“I’ve never played right field before this year, but it’s still a catch-and-throw game,” he said. “It’s only a different angle.”

Before joining the Sussex East team, Scott was playing big league baseball and desperately wanted a bigger challenge. But since Georgetown’s Legion team was filled to the brim, his options were limited.

“I was looking to play baseball over the summer and Georgetown’s team was full. But I heard (Sussex East) needed players,” Scott said “And I’m glad (I could join the team) because it will definitely make me better for next year.”

Scott is one of five Sussex East players with a perfect fielding average (6-6) and will be a senior next season for the Golden Knights.