Selbyville restaurant regular stop for fundraisers

It seems like someone’s holding a fundraiser every month, at the Georgia House restaurant in Selbyville — and that’s because they are.

The Georgia House (located at Main and Church streets) hosts one fundraiser a month, including, in recent months, events for two sports booster clubs (Indian River soccer, Indian River softball) and Agape, a Christian group.

There’s a fundraiser every other month, at the Georgia House in Selbyville (and more often, at the Millsboro location).

Most recently (April 17), they hosted Families Connected, a Millsboro non-profit especially focused on mentoring and programs that lower the risk among at-risk kids, at the Selbyville location.

Families Connected Director Carolyn Showell holds a master’s degree in social work, but donates her time at the non-profit. And so does everyone else — Families Connected has no paid staff members, she said.

How do they manage? “I have a good husband,” she beamed. And she has a lot of support from the community, too. Many of those in attendance on April 17 had driven over from the western parts of the county.

Friend and fellow colleague Debbie Harris-Nock applauded Showell for her efforts. They partnered up when Showell was still working for state services (at the Pyle Center, but also with Child Protection and at the Stevenson House Detention Center), finding homes for hard-to-place foster kids.

Showell worked for the state for 15 years, but Harris-Nock suggested that the bureaucracy had always chafed a bit. “I’m so proud of her, the way she decided to do this — her way,” she said. “To do her own thing.”

Showell started Families Connected in 2002. Also a youth pastor at the Pentecostal Baptist Church in Berlin, Md., she said much of her support came from other local churches.

As Showell pointed out, she was trained to provide, and did sometimes introduce, behavior modification. But many interventions were less direct — through mentoring, parent support services and summer and after school enrichment programs.

Other Families Connected activities include an annual back-to-school supply drive, a “Spirit of Christmas Drive” during the holidays. They also coordinate the Caring Hands Outreach Services, and organize healthy, positive community events, throughout the year.

For more information about Families Connected, call (302) 934-1930.