Selbyville drafts new parking regulations

Selbyville town officials read a draft of a changed ordinance at Monday’s council meeting. If adopted, the ordinance would prohibit people from parking on both sides of four streets in the town for safety reasons.

“There’s just not a lot of room to park on both sides,” said Clifton C. Murray, Selbyville’s mayor.

Town council members decided to hold a public hearing on the changed ordinance at the April 3 council meeting before possibly voting it into law. The hearing was not required, but the council opted for one anyway.

The proposed ordinance would disallow people in the town from parking on the same side as fire hydrants on portions of four streets in the town. If passed in accordance with the current resolution, parking would be prohibited on the south side of McCabe Street from Railroad Avenue to Main Street and from Main Street to Hall Street.

On Dukes Street, people would not be allowed to park their cars on the north side of the street from Railroad Avenue to Main Street. Parking would also be prohibited on the south side of Hosier Street from DuPont Boulevard to Main Street. And, finally, parking would be prohibited on the east side of Williams Street north of Bethany Road and on the west side of Williams Street south of Bethany Road.

Selbyville Chief of Police W. Scott Collins addressed the issue at the town’s Feb. 2 council meeting, saying that it poses a safety issue for drivers to park on both sides of a street that is less than 30 feet wide.

At that meeting, he asked if council would draft a resolution to the town’s ordinance to make the changes, which the council members did before Monday’s meeting.

“The widest part is 21 feet,” Collins said of the portions of the streets that are in the ordinance, saying he was surprised the streets were that narrow. “It’s tight.”

Collins said he introduced the issue because kids frequently walk up and down those streets and it’s hard to see them trying to cross the road when parking is allowed on both sides.

Also, trying to get an emergency vehicle, such as a fire truck or an ambulance, down one of those streets with cars parked on both sides is a nightmare, he added. But he knew something had to be done when, late last year, a car took off the side view mirror of another car parked on the side of the road.

The resolution doesn’t apply to some parts of the four roads — as requested by Collins — because they are more than 30 feet wide at certain points. But, where the street is less than 30 feet wide, a change must be made to protect the safety of town residents and visitors alike, he emphasized.

“I think it makes a lot of sense,” Mayor Murray said at last month’s meeting. “There’s just not enough room.”

Fee schedule change

Selbyville council also announced a fee schedule change for the town at Monday’s meeting, effective March 7. The major changes centered on building permits for minor construction. The permit will now cost one percent of total cost of construction — up from .1 percent — and the administrative and inspection fees will rise from $15 to $25. The fee for a Board of Adjustments hearing will now also rise significantly, from $300 to $600.

A subdivision application will now cost $50 instead of $25. And the house or apartment rental fee will rise from $13 to $75. A business license will also now cost more in the town, rising from $37 to $50.