Letters to the Editor — April 20, 2018

HOA president speaks out against comments


I am writing in regard to the last few paragraphs in the Coastal Point last week regarding Mr. Bob Thornton’s idea about “just” giving him an easement and he will let Ocean View dump half of its water into Miller’s Creek.

If Ocean View acquiesced to this idea, it would ruin our Plantation Park II subdivision every time we had a storm. Even now, when it rains for a couple of days, Miller’s Creek is right up to its banks. It has flooded out into our neighbor’s yard many times, and that’s just with what is dumped in it now.

Our neighborhood has been here over 30 years and now, with all the building around us, everyone wants to dump into Miller Creek. It is a tidal creek and when it storms, not only does water come off the land around it; but it comes up from the bay during high tide. We cannot afford to have half of the water from Ocean View dumped into that creek.

We, as a neighborhood, are against Mr. Thornton’s idea, and I hope Ocean View will not take what might seem like an easy way out to get rid of that water. You’ve got to think of the ramifications of your actions downstream.

Dianne Guinn, President
Plantation Park II HOA


Reader thankful for support of many


We’d like to say “thank you” from the Mitchell family for the cards, thoughts, letters and prayers during our time of need and loss.

The Mitchell family