Earth Day should be celebrated every day

If you turn to page 32 of this week’s paper, you will find a vast array of events and cleanups this weekend to celebrate Earth Day. While it is fantastic that so many individuals and organizations have put forth the effort to honor and try to improve the condition of our planet on this special day, it is kind of perplexing that it is even needed — particularly in this area.

We are a community that is centered around our environment — from farming to hunting to fishing to camping to hiking to boating to just lying around on the beach, our economy and very essence are predicated on our natural surroundings. Visitors come here to enjoy our natural features and they pump money into our economy while they are doing so. Residents take part in any number of outdoors leisure activities, and businesses — such as agricultural-based endeavors — are directly affected by the condition in which we maintain our planet.

We must all take pride in our surroundings on a day-to-day basis, and do what we can to make sure that generations ahead of us get to enjoy it just as much. It is our livelihood, and our honor to be stewards of this planet while we are here.

This is the only planet we live on as people. Take care of it.