South Bethany to have election contests for mayor and council

South Bethany’s 2018 election could be a kind of musical chairs, as six candidates have filed for four seats, but everyone running is a familiar face.

Tim Saxton could cut his current town council term in half, having entered the mayoral race against incumbent Patricia “Pat” Voveris.

Meanwhile, four candidates have applied for three other town council seats, including incumbents Don Boteler, Sue Callaway and William “Tim” Shaw. Former council member Wayne Schrader declared his candidacy anew after choosing not to run for a second term in 2017.

If Saxton wins the mayor position, then the town council would appoint someone to finish the second year of his current town council term. They may appoint anyone, which could include whichever candidate earned fourth place in the regular town council election. If he loses, he would continue in his current seat, which is up for reelection in 2019.

The election is scheduled for Saturday, May 26, and the two-year terms begin in June.

Eligible voters must be U.S. citizens and be either: a town resident for at least nine months (consecutively or nonconsecutively) of the preceding year; a freeholder who holds property through a deed or trust at least 90 consecutive days before the election; or the spouse of a freeholder, whether their name is on the deed or not.

Absentee voting will be permitted. For details, email, call (302) 539-3653 or visit South Bethany Town Hall at 402 Evergreen Road.

By Laura Walter
Staff Reporter