Letters to the Editor — May 4, 2018

Bethany Beach gets thumbs-up on flowers


I haven’t seen anyone else say it, so I’ve just gotta do it: the flowers in downtown Bethany Beach are absolutely beautiful! Congratulations and thanks to the people who do the plantings. Your hard work and dedication show what the term “service to our community” truly means. May God bless you!

Tom Baldwin
Ocean View


Earth Day event a hit, thanks to many


Thank you for your help in publicizing the 3rd Annual Earth Day Cleanup in the Town of Fenwick Island.

On April 21, 50 community members gathered in our Town Hall to enjoy delicious breakfast refreshments donated by McCabe’s Gourmet Market and to peruse environmental displays provided by the Center for Inland Bays (CIB) and the Marine Education, Research & Rehabilitation Institute Inc. (MERR), the Town of Fenwick Island, KCI Technologies and the University of Delaware.

Every participant received an “I Got Trash(ed) in Fenwick” tote bag and a packet of flower seeds. Teams of volunteers picked up litter and trash from every street in Fenwick Island from the Maryland-Delaware line to Lewes Street.

Several local businesses made the event even more exciting by donating door prizes. Special thanks are due to Atlantic Shoals Surf Shop, Dirty Harry’s restaurant, Fenwick Surf Shop, Fi-na-le restaurant, FINS (Fenwick Island Nautical Sportswear), Holly’s Treasure Chest, Jimmy’s Kitchen, Just Hooked, Karimali for Hair, KCI Technologies Inc., Mancini’s Brick Oven Pizzeria & Restaurant, McCabe’s Gourmet Market, Ocean Side Pizzeria, Pottery Place, Sea Shell City, Seaside Country Store, Southern Exposure, Surf’s Edge, the Flying Fish Café & Sushi Bar, and Warren’s Station for their generous donations.

We appreciate everyone’s support in working to keep Fenwick Island the cleanest town on the Delaware Shore!

Fenwick Island Environmental Committee


Voveris gets support from resident


Say yes to a third term for Pat Voveris as South Bethany’s mayor.

Not just because she already has served South Bethany well for two terms, but because she also is the right candidate for the job. And, a real job it is. One more term will allow Pat to complete initiatives she is committed to and provide a succession plan that will ensure that South Bethany faces tomorrow in the strongest position.

As mayor and the face of our community both internally and externally, she has demonstrated true leadership. She is fiscally responsible, and she is transparent — key demonstrated qualities that will help take us forward with sound judgment and open communication.

In small towns, petty politics and voting with friends often seems to dictate policy and voting patterns, but we can count on Pat’s integrity to rise above this and vote with conscience and research the issues with the due diligence that makes for good decision-making and honest thinking.

Her independence is admirable and a needed attribute. Her strength of character is a necessary element for good governance. She is authentic, and that is a rare quality in a public figure.

She’s independent, but she doesn’t go at it alone. That means making good choices. She’s made some terrific hires, demonstrating that, when given the opportunity, she can recognize and promote talent, hiring people with skill sets that truly help our Town run smoothly. She looks out for volunteer talent with an eagle eye, always seeking to add skills to committee rosters and Town betterment.

I wasn’t a homeowner but a few months, and there was Pat already tapping me to participate in South Bethany’s civic and community life, making me feel welcome, but also trying to see how to leverage what I could offer. She doesn’t know it all, but she knows how to find people who will complement her skills and her role, building a team, building a town one neighbor at a time.

Partisan divisions exist, and this past year has demonstrated that our quiet little beach town isn’t all that cohesive when it comes to certain issues. And, that’s OK, but to navigate these waters, respect for all opinions is needed. Pat respects the disparate voices and navigates dissension to calm. That’s a leadership quality that extends across all constituencies.

Add some serious passion to the mix, the driving force that makes sure heart is part of thoughtful and considered thinking, and you have just the right mix of skill, know-how and character that will keep South Bethany going on the right path.

South Bethany’s charter limits mayoral terms to three two-year terms. Let Pat finish her service to South Bethany with her last and final term. I trust Pat to fight for what is right for South Bethany and to keep us right. Let’s do right and go to bat for Pat and South Bethany. Vote Voveris!

Sharon Polansky
South Bethany


Reader fights for recreational pot


Spring has arrived in Delaware!

Buds are in bloom, and the smell of fresh cut grass is in the air.

One can also sense a change in nationwide attitudes regarding cannabis. Witness some of the new thinking exhibited in just this past week:

• Former House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) recently joined the Board of Advisors for a company that cultivates and dispenses cannabis. Boehner states, “My thinking on cannabis has evolved.”

• FDA Advisors unanimously supported the first government approval of a medication made from cannabis (to treat epileptic seizures in children).

• Rep. Jared Polis (D-Colo.) said the following regarding legalized cannabis in his state: “It has really become a real business that employs real people and entrepreneurs.”

• NFL and NBA athletes have spoken openly of their use of cannabis as a treatment for pain and as an effective agent to improve focus and facilitate relaxation.

As our neighbors to the north (New Jersey) and to south (Maryland) continue to move toward legalizing cannabis, it is imperative that Delaware not be left out in the cold winter of cannabis prohibition.

Call your state representative today and urge him/her to vote Yes on HB110; legalizing recreational use of cannabis for adults in Delaware, creating jobs and businesses and bringing in much needed tax revenue.

Happy spring!

Dan Winschel
Bethany Beach