Local police protect community every day

When there’s police activity in the area, the Point starts getting calls from readers wondering what’s going on and whether they should be concerned.

That was the case this week, as Ocean View police in the early hours of Wednesday morning pursued an uninsured motorist who, it turned out, had just that day been sentenced to probation on a DUI charge in Pennsylvania.

The uninsured driver, licenseless and now in Delaware decided to run from local police, reaching speeds in excess of 75 mph in his car as a number of local agencies rallied to try to get him off our roads. Stopped, at gunpoint, he didn’t give up there, but struck an Ocean View officer with the car before taking off again and eventually abandoning the car to flee on foot.

Thankfully, the officer wasn’t injured, and the suspect was taken into custody later that day. And that topped off a day that, for the OVPD, had started with a drug arrest stemming from another traffic stop.

As discussions of the value of our local police continue in some area towns, this seems like a good time to take note of the kinds of threats our local police protect us from every day, from careless drivers to drunk drivers to thefts, drugs and worse…

This is your tax dollars at work.