South Bethany elections drawing closer

The headline race in South Bethany’s May 26 election appears to be the mayoral contest between incumbent Patricia “Pat” Voveris and council member Tim Saxton, but there are also four candidates running for three seats on town council.

Incumbents Don Boteler, Sue Callaway and William “Tim” Shaw will run against former council member Wayne Schrader for those seats. Of course, another interesting subplot could take place if Saxton wins the mayoral race, which would mean the council would appoint someone to finish the second year of Saxton’s current term. 

There’s obviously quite a bit to consider for those voting in the election, and it says a lot that this many people are interested in serving the town (and quite a bit of interest by residents, judging by our letters to the editor).

For those unfamiliar with how we cover town elections, we will not be running letters next week regarding the election. Our thinking is that candidates would not have adequate time to respond to anything before the election. Nor will we endorse any candidates, as we believe it is not our obligation to tell you how to think.

What we will do is share a Q-and-A with the candidates, so the readers can get to learn the candidates through their own words, and make up their own minds. 

We thank all the candidates for their efforts and interest.