Reader weighs in on national issue


I have recently really tried to keep my concerns about President Trump (and particular the Russia/Trump campaign investigation) to myself. We really need for Mr. Mueller to conclude his investigation without outside interference.

However, the recent news that President Trump “hereby demands” an investigation into the DOJ/FBI and these “Obama” agencies planting a spy inside his campaign for political reasons has changed my mind. I would like to simply allude to some numbers that have been widely reported:

• At least 13 of President Trump’s affiliates (that we know of) had contacts with Russians during campaign: Cohen, Papadopoulos, Manafort, Page, Sessions, Trump Jr., Kushner, Gates, Stone, J.D. Gordon, Prince, Flynn and Scaramucci.

These people contacted over a dozen Russian officials at least 75 times. Nine other Trump associates were aware of these contacts, including: Lewandowski, McFarlan, Clovis, Bannon, Miller and Spicer. Mueller’s investigation has either indicted or gotten guilty pleas from 19 people, including four Trump affiliates.

• On 15 occasions, the Trump campaign issued blanket denials of any meetings between Trump campaign and Russians. Not once (0) did the Trump campaign report being contacted by Russians. Not once (0) has President Trump ever admitted to these contacts. Not once (0) has President Trump conducted a meeting to discuss future foreign interference into our elections. Is that not dereliction of duty?

Unlike the House, the Senate’s Intelligence Committee reported that Russia attempted to interfere in our last election in order to favor President Trump. Assuming these agencies (i.e., DOJ/FBI) were aware of the numerous Trump/Russia contacts and they had not conducted an investigation, then would that not also be dereliction of duty?

Finally, ask yourself if the DOJ/FBI secretly placed a “mole” into the Trump campaign for political reasons, then why were there zero (0) leaks before the election?

Ken Niehaus
Ocean View