ESA Delmarva announces winners in first of Summer Surf Series

The Delmarva District of the Eastern Surfing Association (ESA) held the first contest of its 2018 Summer Surf Series on Sunday, May 27, on 30th Street in Ocean City, Md. More than 40 competitors ages 8 to 58 braved the Memorial Day weekend crowds to participate in the event.

The Delmarva District of the Eastern Surfing Association (ESA) holds five amateur surf contests in Ocean City and on Assateague each summer. Points accumulated during the 2018 Summer Surf Series allowed surfers to qualify for a spot at the 2019 Mid-Atlantic Surfing Championships and, ultimately, the East Coast Championships.

“The surf and the weather cooperated with us to make our event a great way to kick off the season,” said Laura Deeley Bren, co-director of the ESA Delmarva District. “Competitors, their supporters, spectators and volunteers all came out to give the event a great vibe — we are super-grateful for such a generous surfing community.”

The 2018 Summer Surf Series is sponsored by K-Coast Surf Shop, Assateague Island Surf Shop, Chauncey’s Surf Shop, Malibu’s Surf Shop, East of Maui, Quiet Storm Surf Shop, Walk On Water Paddleboard Shop, Ocean Atlantic Surf Shop, Endless Summer Surf Shop, Burley Oak Brewing Co., Pablo’s Bowls, the Ocean City Chapter of the Surfrider Foundation and Deeley Insurance Group.

Winners were as follows:

• Boys’ U12: Gavin Bren, 1st place; Kade Sommers, 2nd place; Nate Winklbauer, 3rd place; Seamus Orth, 4th place; Lucas Kohut, 5th place.

• Boys’ U14: Kade Sommers, 1st place; Kai Sommers, 2nd place; Trey Winklbauer, 3rd place; Gavin Bren, 4th place; Kole Kohut, 5th place; Lucas Kohut, 6th place.

• Boys’ U16: Austin Bren, 1st place; Kai Sommers, 2nd place; Trey Winklbauer 3rd place; Kole Kohut, 4th place; Vance Jenkins, 5th place.

• Girls U16: Morgan Johnson, 1st Place; Lily Preziosi, 2nd place, Miah Schwind, 3rd place.

• Junior Men’s U18: Robby Pinzhoffer, 1st place; Austin Bren, 2nd place.

• Junior Men’s Longboard U18: Robby Pinzhoffer, 1st place; Austin Bren, 2nd place.

• Junior Women’s U18: Lily Preziosi, 1st place; Calli Kaufmann, 2nd place; Meara Johnson, 3rd place; Elsa Quillin, 4th place; Isabella Preziosi, 5th place; Miah Schwind, 6th Place.

• Junior Women’s Longboard U18: Lily Preziosi, 1st place; Elsa Quillin, 2nd place; Cassidy Roark, 3rd place; Miah Schwind, 4th place.

• Ladies: Cat Volmer, 1st place; Kathy Horst, 2nd place.

• Ladies Longboard: Elizabeth Deeley, 1st place; Cat Volmer, 2nd place; Kathy Horst, 3rd place.

• Legends: David Quillin, 1st place.

• Legends Longboard: David Quillin, 1st place.

• Masters: Anthony Schaeffer; 1st place; Brian Winklbauer, 2nd place; Christopher Kennedy, 3rd place.

• Masters Longboard: Drew Rathgeber; 1st place; Craig Garfield, 2nd place; Dwayne Dunlap, 3rd place; Kevin Chandler, 4th place.

• Menehune Longboard: Seamus Orth, 1st place.

• Senior Men’s: Drew Rathgeber, 1st place; Jack Thomas, 2nd place; Craig Garfield, 3rd place.

Open Bodyboard: Kai Sommers, 1st place; Dwayne Dunlap, 2nd place; Seamus Orth, 3rd place; Vance Jenkins, 4th place; Kevin Chandler, 5th place; Anthony Schaeffer, 6th Place.

• Open SUP: Elizabeth Deeley 1st place; John Mikulski, 2nd place.

• Open Shortboard: Robby Pinzhoffer, 1st place; Austin Bren, 2nd place; Kai Sommers, 3rd place; Anthony Schaeffer, 4th place; Kade Sommers, 5th place; Brian Winklbauer, 6th Place.

The next contest of the series will be held June 23 at Assateague State Park. To sign up for a contest or to learn more about the Delmarva District of the ESA, visit

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