Reader takes Collins to task over HB110


State Rep. Rich Collins was recently quoted in the Coastal Point saying the following regarding House Bill 110:

“I’m going to disappoint anyone supporting this. I am not in favor of expanding the availability of another mind-altering substance.”

While many of his constituents may be disappointed in his position, what is truly disappointing is his lack of understanding of the bill and the world in which he and his constituents live.

HB110 will not “expand the availability” of a “mind-altering substance.”

Cannabis is readily and widely available on the underground/criminal market throughout Delaware. It is being bought by his constituents and sold illegally in his district every day. HB110 will not expand the availability of cannabis; it will regulate an industry that already exists and is currently unregulated and untaxed.

I applaud Rep. Collins for his monthly Coffee with Rich meetings with his constituents to discuss issues of concern. However, while he was trying to explain to senior citizens why their Meals on Wheels budgets had been cut, he was ignoring a significant source of tax revenue and ceding those dollars to criminals.

HB110 will raise tens of millions of tax dollars for Delaware, will create new jobs, reduce government spending, create safer communities, will reduce teen access to cannabis and end arrests for responsible consumers who choose a safer alternative to alcohol.

We need regulation and taxation of an existing business, which will result in increased state revenue, improved consumer protection and maybe more Meals on Wheels, not less!

Delaware needs representatives who do their due diligence to fully understand issues before thoughtlessly rejecting a bill that will benefit all of Delaware — 61 percent of Delaware residents support the taxation and regulation of cannabis for adults.

History has proven that prohibition doesn’t work.

Dan Winschel
Bethany Beach