Reader warns of potential problems


Fuel up the medivac! Just in time for Memorial Day weekend and the summer season, a bone-crushing shorebreak caused by irresponsible beach replenishment returns to Bethany. Get ready for broken necks, backs, arms, legs, hips and other injuries cause by vicious shorebreak.

This hazardous issue is caused by beach replenishment creating an extreme drop-off at the ocean’s edge. I refer to this as irresponsible beach replenishment because the beach should be tapered to cause the waves to break off the beach in deeper water. This de-powers the waves before arriving on the beach.

Successful beach replenishment is occurring up and down the East Coast. Why does Delaware’s replenishment continue to cause shorebreak and injuries? Please warn your family and friends to never turn their back on the waves when entering and exiting the water! A 1-foot wave breaking directly on the beach is a powerful hidden hazard!

The sand dredged from the ocean bottom contains bacteria that creates health issues. Ear infections are common, and any lesions are subject to potential injection.

If these negative effects of beach replenishment aren’t enough. Home owners, vacationers and beachgoers must tolerate heavy equipment noise and beach closures occurring 24/7 during the 2018 summer season.

Stay safe!

Bruce Mears
Ocean View