Letter: Callaway thanks voters in South Bethany


Please allow me to say a very special thank-you to all South Bethany property owners who voted in the South Bethany town election on Saturday, May 26. We were thrilled by the phenomenal participation and so appreciative of the many who came to Town Hall on such a busy weekend and to those who voted by absentee ballot!

I also want to thank everyone who took an active interest in the election. During the campaign, we had the opportunity to talk with so many of you, and with Tim Saxton and the Council, we plan to address each issue mentioned.

Let’s also thank our former mayor, Pat Voveris, and councilman Tim Shaw for their service to our town. Now that the election is behind us, we will continue to move forward to make South Bethany the “Best Little Beach in Delaware,” or as my grandkids say, “the Best Beach Anywhere!”

Thank you, too, to all of you at Coastal Point for your coverage of the campaign, the election and the ongoing activities in our special town.

Sue Callaway, Mayor Pro-Tem
South Bethany