Editorial: Millsboro police trying out a new program

Recognizing what they considered to be a void in their service to the community, the Millsboro Police Department has begun a new program that they hope will better help their citizens.

Chief Brian Calloway said that he realized his officers were often showing up to respond to domestic violence or sexual assault cases, and then showing up to court at a later date — with no interaction in between. He pursued a grant to dedicate one officer to these instances, allowing that officer to follow up with families and see what needs they might have. 

“It’s not going to be one or another, or picking sides,” explained Calloway. “It’s both parties, so we could find out if there’s something we could provide. It could be something as simple as providing a phone number to social services. It could be helping with transportation issues to meet court dates. It could be resources, such as someone needing food.”

This is impressive, and it shows that Calloway and his department are serious about not only enforcing the laws, but also genuinely assisting Millsboro’s residents. It is “community policing” in a very real form.

We salute the Millsboro Police Department for trying something new to improve their service to the town, and hope that citizens who find themselves in a nightmare situation know where to turn for help.