Custom jewelry, family ties mark Ocean View shop

Ruben Palazzo has been designing and creating custom jewelry for more than 40 years. And while he’s still surrounded at work by many of his creations, he actually now gets to work alongside two of his most significant creations — his son, Sergio Palazzo, and his daughter, Alessandra Mauser.

“Oh, yes,” said Ruben. “It’s very nice.”

Ocean View Jewelers opened its doors last June, and the Palazzo family has grown fond of the town, as well as their customers.

“Ocean View is fantastic,” said Sergio, the COO of Ocean View Jewelers. “The customers here are awesome. We love them, and it feels like we just fit perfect here. We have a lot of return customers, and I think people feel at home with us when they come in to the store. We now know a lot of our clients on a personal basis, so I’ll remember them when they come in and what they like.”

Ruben has been doing jewelry design and creation for decades, and he learned it himself from his uncles, who were jewelers in Italy. For many years, he did repair work for other jewelers in Delmarva, servicing several stores from Berlin, Md., to Lewes. Eventually, he decided to open his new shop with his family and cut out the middleman.

“It’s the best thing we’ve ever done,” said a smiling Sergio.

Creative design is a hallmark of Ocean View Jewelers. They use a CAD system to design unique pieces digitally and then use a 3-D printer to print out the designs. Each stone is hand- picked and set individually, giving customers an individualized piece of jewelry, and at a reasonable cost, to boot.

“Custom pieces are not that much more expensive than going into a store and just buying a piece,” said Sergio. “And, this way, it’s your piece. Nobody else in the world has it, because you designed it, or you came up with the idea and helped us design it.

“Jewelry is not something you’re going to wear for a couple years,” continued Sergio. “It’s going to be something you’re going to wear for almost all of your life. And then your kids are going to wear it, and, hopefully, it goes down the line for generations.”

The family said they stand behind every piece of jewelry they sell and that the store does clean- and-polish services for free, and they will check the mountings on the jewels. Ruben pointed out that customer service is their top goal, because that leads to satisfied customers.

“If a customer isn’t walking out of here smiling...” said Sergio.

“Or crying,” interjected Ruben with a laugh.

“Yes, or crying,” Sergio answered, laughing himself. “We’ve had two people actually walk out of here feeling so happy they were crying. You know you brought that piece of jewelry to life for them. It’s one of the best feelings I’ve ever had. We are really here to help people. Making money is obviously nice, but we love helping people.”

Alessandra is the CFO of the store and handles all the financials. Ruben, besides being the patriarch of the family and the master jeweler, is the CEO. Sergio said another younger brother will be getting into the business soon as well.

“It’s very exciting to work with family,” said Sergio. “And to do it here... it is wonderful. We couldn’t be happier.”

Ocean View Jewelers is located at 59 Atlantic Avenue (Route 26), Suite 2. They can be reached at (302) 537-1121, or on Facebook at

By Darin J. McCann
Executive Editor