Letter: Reader argues for grace period


Parking meters before high season are killing sales to us locals!

Last month, on Thursday, May 17, parking meters had just gone into effect in downtown Bethany. In pouring rain, mine was the only car parked in the circle on Garfield Parkway in front of the Bethany Beach bookstore.

I had two errands to run at 4:45, so I stuffed into the meter a couple of quarters to run into Treasure Island clothiers to pick up a scarf order for $150 and then into Bethany Beach books for my order of $133.83. Two minutes after my meter expired, I found a ticket for $30.

Now ask me if I will go near downtown again until the fall, when meters are covered. Surely there could have been a grace period on parking meters at least until Memorial Day or some forgiveness shown a local who spent $283.83 in 15 minutes on a stormy Thursday afternoon when mine was the only car in the bandstand area.

The parking meter collectors are ruthless, and even though I realize Bethany needs as much revenue as possible during the height of tourist season, forcing us locals to shop elsewhere is not a solution or even good PR. Surely, some common sense, kindness and good judgement could have been shown any shopper during the first week of meter enforcement, especially when many roads were flooded, heavy rains continued for three days, and downtown sales were almost negligible.

To add insult to injury, I even had to take my payment personally to the police station because the fine reception boxes in front of the bank and city hall were still covered with canvas and tied with cord! Dear Lord, who needs shopping experiences such as this?

Kathy A. Megyeri
South Bethany