Letter: Reader calls for term limits on the Hill


Term limits. Congress is broken. Sen. Tom Carper is an example of a “no vote” senator and is well trained by Schumer — 42 years in government is far too long. It’s time for action. It is a time for Republicans to take very seriously the importance of turning Blue states Red.

Voting for Rob Arlett for U.S. Senate will be a significant first step. Give all our presidents a break here. Congress is the problem. I heard a pundit say the other day that this current immigration issue started with Roosevelt. How crazy does it have to get before we all write to our Congressmen and ask them to stop the show, the acting, the bluster and get some muster.

Remember… Republicans need 60 votes in the Senate and, frankly, probably 65 votes to get anything passed. Another point is that right now we have 51 votes, but in reality we can’t depend on that. Very, very thin edge.

The immigration issue is not every president’s fault. It just always ends up in the president’s lap because Congress, over far too many years prefers to let the blame lie with presidents. Ridiculous! We have a failed policy when it comes to immigration, and Congress needs to fix it and not depend on the president’s “stroke of a pen,” as Schumer has stated.

Congress is weak and dysfunctional. They continue to underestimate the intelligence of the voter. You have Senators like Sen. Tom Carper that has been in State government, then Congress since 1975. He has learned to just sit back and do nothing. We, the American people, want our Senators and Congressmen to vote and do what they were sent to Washington, D.C., to do for our country.

Diane Meyer