Letter: Elling calls on all to stand up


Time magazine will present a front-page photo of President Donald Trump staring down a crying immigrant child. 

A child being taken from her mother who is asking for asylum from the horrors of her native country. She wants her family to survive. We have a door of asylum for her and her family to enter. She enters the wrong door and is imprisoned. Her child is “imprisoned” from her mother.

This story and thousands of equal stories dominate our news cycles. We are faced with a constitutional and moral challenge of immense proportions.

I ask you if this is the purpose of the Second Amendment when our federal government becomes tyrannical? Immoral? Hateful? Dishonest? Has the Statue of Liberty been defiled by our Presidency? Has the U.S. Constitution been tattered and torn by our Presidency?

If this is not the purpose of the Second Amendment, why do we even have a Second Amendment? Why do you legally have weapons of nearly any choice? Who are you to confront? Who are you to defend?

Please tell me you are not supporting the Second Amendment to send that little girl in the Time magazine photo to her grave. 

Whose side will you defend? Is your side only for your own little girls and boys? Is the NRA led with any morality for the life of others beyond the NRA membership?

I will be standing before the president of the U.S. to demand his resignation for crimes against humanity. Caging immigrant children is immoral! Will your National Rifle Association membership do the same?

Lloyd E. Elling
Ocean View