Editorial: Holiday should be about making great memories

If you are looking to make memories this Fourth of July, you’re at the right place.

Between multiple fireworks shows in close proximity, parades, beaches, trails, inland bays and great food, this community is unparalleled in providing memories for visitors and residents each Independence Day.

That being said, let’s keep our focus on good memories.

We’ve all known people or read stories about peoples who have faced tragedies from playing around with fireworks. With the relaxation on Delaware’s laws concerning fireworks this year, the potential for accidents is even greater. 

Our roads present even more dangerous realities. Between pedestrians and bicyclists being struck by motor vehicles, motorcyclists being hit by drivers not paying close enough attention to what they’re doing and people operating vehicles after drinking, danger does lurk constantly.

And let’s not sleep on the dangers of playing on our beaches. Unfilled holes and sneaky riptides can turn a magical vacation into a heartbreaking disaster at a moment’s notice. We have some of the best lifeguards in the world on our public beaches (see their past performances in lifeguard competition olympics), but they can’t be everywhere at every second, and they can’t see everything at all times.

Enjoy this weekend and make the right kinds of memories.