Letter: Steele weighs in on previous letters


This letter is to answer three letters published June 29.

First, to Mr. Ewing: Your comments about President Trump and the crying little girl on the cover of Time magazine is flat-out wrong. That little girl was crying because she was lost for a few minutes from her family and her father found her just after that photo was taken. She was immediately reunited with her mother and father. Let’s face it, when will Time magazine or you care to state the facts correctly?

Secondly, what does the Second Amendment have anything to do with illegal immigration? Maybe you are confused and do not know what the Second Amendment is about, basically, the right to bear arms. And that is what the Americans, who live along our southern border, are doing to protect themselves from armed gang members from Mexico plus the drug and human smugglers crossing the border.

You ask the question, “Whose side will you defend?” My answer: Always the Constitution! How about you?

Second, to Mr. Hansel: Thank you!

Third, to Ms. Reeves: The sounds and images of crying children in cages were the same images and sounds that were happening during the Bush and Obama’s years in office. Actually, the images used recently against President Trump were from the Obama’s decree to handle illegal immigrants.

On June 24, “Fox News Sunday,” Obama’s DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson admitted to expanding family detention in 2014. His quote is as follows, “We expanded family detention… I freely admit it was controversial. We believed it was necessary at the time.” Where was the MSM and the Left? I guess it wasn’t convenient “at the time?”

Lastly, to both Mr. Ewing and Ms. Reeves, a question or two: “Do you lock your windows and doors when you go to bed at night? Or lock your house and or car when you leave?” Why?

Presidents Clinton, Obama and presidential hopeful Ms. Clinton all stated that we need a wall and strong immigration laws!

Some facts from the L.A. Times: 30 percent of all federal prison inmates are illegal immigrants; nearly 1 million sex crimes committed by… you guessed it… illegal immigrants!

One last statement: If you want to come to this country, please come through the front door!

Harold Steele
Bethany Beach