Editorial: No place seems safe from opioid epidemic

We are not immune.

We live in a location that can be considered a virtual paradise. An ocean and beautifully-maintained beaches dot our eastern perimeter, and we pepper in stunning inland bays and waterways throughout our region. Fertile farmland takes hold as you move a little bit away from those beaches, and a booming real estate- and tourism-boosted economy gives the impression of a wealthy and safe environment in which to work, live and play.

But we are not immune.

We are not immune from the grip of opioids. We saw the scourge of prescription drug abuse plague our community several years ago, and now we have seen heroin wiggle its disgusting way into our way of life. Ocean View police responded to a home on Central Avenue last Thursday and found two deceased bodies. 

Another Ocean View officer came across a male reportedly passed out on a bench outside the Giant in Millville, discovered heroin and, along with a second responding officer, administered four doses of naloxone and initiated CPR to save that person’s life, according to police. 

We are not immune, and we’d better take it seriously before it spins further out of control.