Letter: Reader responds to previous letter


I recently read the article by Perry Mitchell entitled “How America appeased Russia in 2018” and was reminded of the old prison joke in which the prisoners would tell a joke by referring to a number since they had all heard the same old jokes over and over again. The punch-line of the story was that the jokesters told the joke in the wrong way due to the inappropriate numerical reference.

With regards to Mr. Mitchell’s column, it too utilizes the same old jokes that appear to ignore the facts, actual historical events, not to mention to including the now worn out Leftist attacks on Mr. Trump, as the press has done since his election. Specifically, Mr. Mitchell uses Mr. Trump’s recent meetings with NATO and Mr. Putin to accuse him of appeasing Russia and undermining NATO, which in this case must be part of the same old joke.

History indicates that Russia invaded and took over Crimea in 2014, during the Obama Administration. Indeed, in 2016 the International Criminal Court (ICC), concluded that this was a crime, not a civil war as Russia had claimed, which led to Russia’s withdraw from the ICC. During Obama’s tenure there was no “real-time” action taken by his administration regarding Russia’s over running of Crimea, or any other such offenses, let alone any attacks on him.

In addition, during the 2013 candidate debates, Mr. Obama and the press mocked Mitt Romney for claiming that Russia was a real problem, by claiming it wasn’t the Cold War era anymore. Mr. Obama also went on the record on a “hot mike” during the 2012 election cycle, to show his true position on Russia, by commenting to then Russian President Dmitri Medvev that he would have more “flexibility to negotiate” with Mr. Putin after the election. Where was the criticism and reaction to Mr. Obama’s position on Crimea then? Perhaps that is the joke?

Mr. Mitchell also weaves in the now worn old joke regarding Russia influencing the 2016 election in his article. Showing my age, the Soviet Union, now Russia, has been trying to influence our elections since the 1950s and will continue to do so as part of their communist philosophy.

In 2016, Mr. Obama publicly claimed that no one, including the Russians, could actually manipulate the results of a U.S. election, but he also did nothing to stop such meddling. Since then, the focus of the Left has been to make never ending groundless attacks on Mr. Trump, when, in fact, he has been far more hard on Russia then any of the previous administrations.

Regarding NATO, Mr. Mitchell claims that Mr. Trump attacked and undermined the NATO organization with his demands that each of the 29 NATO members contribute the previously agreed minimum of 2 percent of their Gross Domestic Product (GDP), and his desire to increase this to 4 percent of their GDP to offset the 22 percent funding level that the U.S. taxpayers are now contributing. However he also failed to mention that only five of the 29 members now meet the agreed 2 percent funding goal at this time, which I find as a situation with little humor.

Mr. Mitchell also used the emotion evoking language of how the NATO members used their “blood and treasure” to support the U.S., while ignoring the same expenditure of U.S. “blood and treasure” that the U.S. has been providing NATO since its founding in 1949. The potential contribution of “blood and treasure” of the individual members is a fundamental part of being part of the NATO organization.

As also part of his NATO argument, Mr. Mitchell went on to claim that the NATO members had not agreed to support, or agree to the individual funding requirements, which is in direct conflict with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg’s concluding press conference statements that I heard and read.

Mr. Mitchell also claimed that Mr. Trump “attacked” Germany by stating the obvious “fact” that they have made themselves a “captive” of Russia by their deal made with Russia to directly supply fuel to them. Not only is such a deal stupid, it potentially undermines NATO, not to mention the obvious level of corruption of those former and current government members involved in making such an agreement.

However due to his dismissal of the use of Mr. Trump’s statements associated with Hillary’s “illegal” server use, I must give him the benefit of the doubt, since most Leftists can’t seem to recognize such obvious violations of the law and such corruption. I would therefore have to conclude that this was just another instance of not telling the “joke” quite right.

Mr. Mitchell’s concluding scattered references to North Korea and Neville Chamberlain are utilized as further attacks on Mr. Trump’s actions and are obviously another part of the running joke. This is especially true when looked at from the perspective of the various Obama apology tours and his and previous three administration’s failure in taking any actions with North Korea. Perhaps he would have had more respect for Mr. Trump if he had illegally provided a few billion dollars to them, as Obama had done with Iran.

For the first time in 65 years, we have an opportunity for peace with North Korea by actions by a president more like Winston Churchill than Neville Chamberlain, that Mr. Mitchell doesn’t seem to comprehend. The referenced “critical issues” ignored in this article are, in reality, the facts. I obviously disagree with his conclusion that “July 16, 2018 will be synonymous with appeasement of Putin” and must attribute his positions and article as failing to tell the joke right.

George H. Miles