Drew supports Arlett for U.S. Senate


Having been a part of the political process at all levels for many years, I have seen some really good candidates, and I think Rob Arlett is the candidate to represent all of us in the U.S. Senate.

My views are based on years of volunteering on federal, state and local campaigns, as well as having been a local election district chairman (called ward or precinct captain in some states), representative district chairman, and a member of the Sussex County Republican Executive Committee.

I support Councilman Rob Arlett to be our next U.S. Senator from Delaware for many reasons, but here are the top three:

(1) Councilman Rob Arlett can defeat Gene Truono in the Sept. 6 primary and Sen. Carper in the Nov. 6 general election. He demonstrated this in 2014 when he beat a popular sitting County Councilman of 16 years by more than 10 points.

Rob Arlett is smart, fearless and listens to voters — then takes action in the best interest of his constituents. Rob Arlett has served four years on the Sussex County Council, where he has a proven track record of support to our farmers, first-responders, firefighters, our schools and our environment.

Arlett has been a lifelong conservative, voter, volunteer and elected official, where his primary election opponent has just recently “seen the light” and decided to get involved in public service. Arlett has worked for years as an election district and representative district chairman who has helped elect then re-elect Sen. Gerald Hocker and Rep. Ron Gray.

Rob Arlett was the 2016 Delaware state chairman for the Trump campaign — a near-impossible job in a Democrat-controlled state. With Arlett’s campaign strategy, in the 2016 election President Trump received 62,611 votes in Sussex County, which was half again more than Hillary Clinton received (39,333) and more votes than any other candidate in Sussex County for any office.

(2) I like Councilman Rob Arlett’s policies. First, he will support the president, when they agree, where Sen. Carper has opposed the president at every turn. Rob Arlett supports the president on the economy and jobs. The president’s performance in this area deserves support since African-American and Hispanic unemployment is now at the lowest level in history.

Arlett supports high-quality, affordable health care. He supports the Constitution and religious liberties. He will defend our 2nd Amendment rights and the safety of our schools, places of worship and other public buildings.

I really like the fact that Arlett supports President Trump’s ideas for a strong military, lower taxes, less-expensive and better health care, lower/fair trade tariffs, NATO to pay its fair share of the defense budget, strong borders and a fair, merit-based legal immigration system where we know who is coming into the U.S.

Arlett will give the president’s appointments to the Supreme Court and many other positions a fair hearing and not pre-judge and oppose the nominee even prior to the announcement of that appointee.

Sen. Carper has done nothing but oppose and vote against the president on these and many other issues, and it is time for us to thank Sen. Carper for his long service and replace him. Rob Arlett puts his faith, family and freedom first!

(To see his exact position on issues go to https://robarlett.com)

(3) Councilman Rob Arlett has a wide variety of life experiences similar to most voters in Delaware — whether Republican, Independent or Democrat. He is a small-businessman owning a real estate brokerage in Sussex. He understands the impact of burdensome regulations on small businesses and how important the Trump tax cuts have been (some Democrats have vowed to raise taxes if you elect them). Arlett has served in the United States Navy and has a passion for working for our veterans.

Yes, I fully support Rob Arlett and my “full support” includes my volunteering to be Rob Arlett’s Sussex County chairman. I hope you will support him also by volunteering, contributing and voting for Rob Arlett for U.S. Senate. Go here to learn more about Arlett and how you can help: https://robarlett.com

Philip M. Drew
Bethany Beach