Bennett puts her support behind Carper


On Sept. 6, Sen. Tom Carper will face a challenger in the Democratic primary election. We have learned the hard way that such primaries should always be taken seriously in Delaware, and voter turnout is critical.

As a downstate fruit-grower, I will be casting my ballot in the primary for Sen. Carper to continue his advocacy for Delaware citizens and, in particular, for Delaware farmers. Sen. Carper visited our historic farmstead to hear our input regarding pressing national issues, such as immigration, tariffs and the Farm Bill. He was a compassionate listener with a determination to represent Delaware agricultural interests in Washington.

Due to the level of instability present on the national political stage, Delaware cannot afford to send a novice politician to the Senate. Sen. Tom Carper’s decades of experience on behalf of Delaware will serve as a buffer for what is sure to be an uncertain political future 

for all Delawareans.

Carrie W. Bennett
Bennett Orchards, Frankford