Editorial — Smart growth is leading the way for Millsboro

A recent annexation of a 3-acre lot that is targeted to be the future site of a hotel and restaurant shows once again that the Town of Millsboro is intent on controlled growth.

Why would we call it “controlled,” you might ask?

This formerly-unincorporated enclave sits on Route 113, where the old VFW building sat for years. And a look at the majority of new business to come into Millsboro over recent years sits firmly on that same highway — showing that town officials are welcoming new business on a regular basis, and keeping that business on the highway.

This prevents further logjams downtown, adds jobs within towns limits, raises revenue to the Town via impact fees and services, draws more people to Millsboro and keeps the government humming at a time when some inland towns are struggling to maintain. In addition, the Town is investing downtown in the form of pavers, street lights, plans for a new police department building and a cost-match offer to downtown businesses to update their signage.

This is a shining example of smart growth by Millsboro Town Council and Town Manager Sheldon Hudson and his ambitious staff on how to stay relevant and solvent in a time of quickly-changing financial landscapes.