Letter — Resident weighs in on motel issue


Imagine you had a motel in your beautiful beach town that was as old as the town itself, but had become an outdated, in-need-of-work, embarrassment. Now, imagine that an investor came in with a plan to replace that motel with a beautiful inn that would greatly enhance the aesthetics and business health of the entire town. Despite the “duh” answer to who would not support that effort, a small group has strongly protested it from the beginning.

After lengthy and very divisive resistance from this group, Town Council approval was finally given for the investors to proceed. Now, the investors have presented their plans to the Town for permitting approval.

Consistent with Town ordinances, a permit allowing the HVAC systems to be placed on the roof was approved. A variance has also been requested to allow the elevator shaft to protrude 2 feet above the roof line. No problem. That’s what variances are for, right? Well, not if you are members of that small group that strongly resisted the motel initially, but lost.

Hopefully, by the time you read this, the Town of Fenwick Island Board of Adjustment will have resisted the emotions and properly approve the necessary variance to allow the Sands Motel to go ahead with one of the largest improvements to the Town in decades.

But it will not end there. This same small group will continue to use every legal and divisive means possible to block the Sands and, while doing so, denigrate and demean those Town Council and committee members who stand in their way.

I was deeply offended to read in last week’s Coastal Point completely and unfounded suggestions by Council Member Julie Lee that other members of the Council might have illegal interests in the Sands Motel venture.

Even more revolting was the persndsonal attack on Bill Weistling, chairman of the Charter & Ordinance Committee. Bill has worked harder for, and spent more time involved in, improving the governance of this Town than any person I know!

I hope that sanity prevails, and that this group will accept, like the majority of Fenwick Island people, that the new Sands will be good for our town, but their continued animosity is not.

Ben Waide

Fenwick Island