Letter — Dorfmans offer choices for council seats


The coming election in Bethany Beach is, as always, an important one. The Town Council has been an effective and resourceful one for quite a few years. There have been years when there were no elections. That reflected the fact that the council did a good job and most people were happy with what they saw and heard in our town.

Many projects have been undertaken in the past few years, like: the new water tower, town park, town museum, Garfield Parkway, the new hotel, Atlantic Ave., and the purchase of a new parking lot.

These projects will be completed in the next few years, and the only one that required financing was the water tower. That was a 20-year loan that will be paid off in 12 years at a very low interest rate. We are fiscally very sound.

I was a member of town council for 14 years before I retired. I know how important it is to have people who work and vote for what is best for the town. The current council has accomplished much, and the members running deserve to be re-elected for another two year term.

Lew Kilmer, Rosemary Hardiman and Bruce Frye are the incumbents that deserve to be re-elected. They have worked hard and put in the time and effort that has helped make Bethany Beach the best-run town on the Delaware coast.

Faith Denault will make a bright and solid addition for the seat vacant by the soon-to-be-former Mayor Jack Gordon. She has served with distinction on many Town committees over the years and is presently on the Bethany Beach Planning Commission. She has been an influential asset on these committees.

So, to keep Bethany Beach going in the right direction, vote for Lew Kilmer, Rosemary Hardiman, Bruce Frye and Faith Denault on election day.

Jerry & Cherie Dorfman
Bethany Beach