Letter — Reader has concerns over new road


This is in objection to making a new road accessing West Avenue to accommodate 38 new homes being built, called Canal Ridge.

The trees have been planted in our community and have provided immeasurable benefits. Trees provide the necessities of life itself: clean drinking water; healthy, thriving communities; cooler temperatures; and habitat for countless wildlife. The trees, in short, are essential to Ocean View on West Avenue for safety, since cars will not head out on to coming fast traffic of West Avenue.

Two trucks and cars coming and going can barely fit on the road. Pedestrians walking a baby or a person walking a dog would have to get off the road and onto people’s property for fear of being hit. West Avenue on this side of Route 26 is much smaller than the West Avenue on the other side of Route 26. We don’t even have a white line in the middle of the road like you would think it should have. This side of West Avenue is used as a bypass to Central Avenue.

If you were to continue the two yellow lines that’s at the beginning of 26 and West Avenue that was started, you would have to switch to one line, since two lines would make West Avenue even smaller.

Vincent Bertone
Ocean View