Editorial — A reminder to get out and do your summer thing

Well, here we are.

The dog days of summer are transforming themselves into the days of back-to-school shopping and prepping for one last Labor Day push around the area. Families are getting in that last vacation before school starts — if it hasn’t already for many of them — and college students are getting in as many hours of work as they can before their earning power drops considerably with the start of classes and exams.

Yes, as crazy as it may seem, we are already closing in on Labor Day weekend.

Obviously, it doesn’t mean what it used to in terms of the beach towns “rolling up the sidewalks” and tumbleweeds blowing across Route 1. Fall has become a busy season on its own, filled with festivals, art shows and children’s events every weekend, and more businesses stay open longer every year.

But as far as weekday visitors and second-homeowners being here for more than just weekends, well, those days are indeed slowing down a bit.

There is nothing earth-shattering in our message to our readers this week — just a reminder to get out and do those things you wanted to do this summer before you miss it. Summer gets away fast. Catch it now.