Letter — Reader talks Old Mill Bridge Landing parcel


Editor’s note: The following letter was addressed to DNREC Secretary Garvin, regarding the Old Mill Bridge Landing parcel, and was sent to the Coastal Point for publication.

I am a full-time resident of Southeastern Sussex County.

Residents of the Route 54 vicinity and Dirickson Creek watershed are doubly concerned over yet another parcel requesting development. We are concerned about the impact on (1) traffic safety, and (2) environmental safety. We do not want to be unduly flooded due to the impact of too many impervious surfaces close to the creek, nor do we want our evacuation route thwarted by excessive traffic.

This particular parcel is very strategically located along the banks of EPA-“impaired” Dirickson Creek. These 116 acres of creekside woods are threatened by tree removal, scalping and understory removal along a very environmentally crucial stretch of wetlands. Absent the protective influence of these trees, the creek health will continue to decline.

The proposed comprehensive conservation and management plan (CCMP) will not be finalized until this coming winter. Meanwhile, researching this parcel with DelDOT, CIB, Sussex County Council, Sussex County Land Trust, Sussex County Planning & Zoning, Department of Agriculture Forest Service, the PLUS team, Sussex County Conservation District, DNREC and several other funding organizations, paints a picture for me.

Although the CCMP is not enacted as yet, entities outside of DNREC are already cooperating, actually leaning in and embracing the proposed CCMP protocols. DNREC, on the other hand, is in fallback mode. DNREC is no longer submitting recommendations, saying that these recommendations are using up too much of their valuable time and limited resources which could be used more appropriately in other endeavors.

I request that you take advantage of the peripheral good-faith efforts of surrounding agencies and return to again making meaningful recommendations, instead of simply providing the much less researched comments.

Anna von Lindenberg
West Fenwick