Letter — Resident supports Hardiman in election


I am endorsing Rosemary Hardiman in the upcoming Bethany Beach Town Council election. Two years ago, I wrote to the Coastal Point in support of first-run candidate Rosemary Hardiman for Bethany town council. Today, I write again in support of Rosemary Hardiman.

I feel Rosemary has proven herself to be a very effective council member. On every issue, she has worked diligently to gather all information surrounding the topic and personally ensure that she has an understanding of all sides, without bias.

One case in point was her research into the community’s wishes regarding shading devises on the beach. As chair of the town ordinance committee, through a survey of its citizens, Rosemary ascertained the feelings of the majority, providing the essential two-way communication needed for the committee to make an informed recommendation to the council.

In addition to her dedication to the Town of Bethany Beach and the work she does for the council, Rosemary extends herself and her strong work ethic to the community at large. She spent six years on the Sussex County Library Advisory Board and is currently serving on the Friends of South Coastal Library Board.

Rosemary’s experience on the Sussex County Library Advisory Board gave her the opportunity to work on issues on both county and state levels, and gives a broader context to her work for the community as a Bethany town council member.

In addition to her work on the council, Rosemary assists her community in many other capacities: as a volunteer for Read Aloud at Lord Baltimore; at the Bethany Beach Farmer’s Market; at the St. Ann’s church bazaar; at the South Coastal Library book sale; at the South Coastal Library house tour; at VFW Post 7234; and as a docent for the Historical Homes Tour of Ocean View last fall to support the creation of a Coastal Towns Museum representing Bethany Beach and the other neighboring coastal towns.

Rosemary serves where she is needed, and no job or task is too small. She will be the first to arrive and the last to leave a project, and will do it all with intelligence, enthusiasm, grace, equanimity, energy and her own brand of humor when needed.

Rosemary and her husband, Jerry, work with me and my husband on a breakfast team at the VFW during the summer months. Though the breakfast service ends at noon, Rosemary and Jerry do not leave until the place is swept, tables are clean, and every last piece of cutlery and dishware has been put away. She brings this same commitment to her work on the Bethany Beach Town Council and every committee, board or project in which she is involved.

However, I believe Rosemary’s most valuable quality for the role of councilperson is that she truly cares about others, especially those in the community she represents. She has immersed herself into her community through her council work and involvement in community organizations and initiatives.

At this time when it is difficult to get consensus, Rosemary has the empathy and understanding to listen and hear all voices, and work to reach a compromise that will bring the greatest benefit to the community and its citizens, realizing that give and take are paramount.

She will continue to represent the town well because she cares deeply for the community of Bethany Beach and the character of the town that has drawn all of us here as residents. Rosemary Hardiman’s intelligence and com

petency are without question; her honesty and work ethic are exceptional; and her capacity to actively listen and respond to members of the community is a valuable and essential tool; and all are the ingredients of an excellent and effective Bethany Beach Town Council member.

Theo Loppatto
Bethany Beach