Letter — Farrar endorses Denault in Bethany


Having held the position of Bethany Beach entertainment director for 13 years, I have a special inside perspective on how our Town operates. With that experience in mind, I’m excited to endorse Faith Denault for Bethany Beach Town Council.

As a Bethany Beach resident since 2000, Faith Denault has a proven record of leadership in our community. Faith takes her varied volunteer leadership roles as a serious commitment and she devotes nothing but an A+ effort to all her endeavors.

Faith has served as president of the Friends of South Coastal Library and chair of the Cottage Tour fundraiser. This event involves a year-long preparatory effort, and it requires special inspiration and dedication to motivate hundreds of volunteers to offer their time and talents. In this role, Faith brought out the best in folks.

Our Town of Bethany Beach has been the recipient of Faith’s management skills through her volunteer positions on Town committees. She has served with dedication and distinction on the Town’s Seaside Craft Show event and its Election Board. She also served on the Board of Advisors of the Quiet Resorts Charitable Foundation. Faith is currently serving on the Town’s Planning & Zoning Commission.

The main message I hope to impart to my fellow town voters is that Faith Denault is a proven talented leader: generously giving her own time and inspiring others to donate their time and talents.

We would be fortunate to have Faith bring her open-minded way of listening to ideas and comments to the Town Council, all the while constantly working to achieve consensus among differing points of view.

I am pleased to endorse Faith Denault for the Bethany Beach Town Council.

Gloria Farrar
Bethany Beach