Letter — Reader endorses Parish for council


I have owned property in Sussex County for over 40 years and have maintained a close interest in County politics and government. It’s my opinion that District 4 has been very well represented on County Council by Councilman George Cole. It is extremely important that Mr. Cole’s soon-to-be-vacated seat be filled by someone who will continue his close attention to the needs and desires of this area.

Several years ago, I had an opportunity to meet with George Parish in his elected position in Sussex County government as Clerk of the Peace. I was truly impressed by Mr. Parish’s knowledge of local government and the needs of its residents.

One unique example of Mr. Parish’s personal integrity was his conduct as a declared candidate for election to the Council in 2014. He had begun raising campaign funds, but then Councilman Cole announced that he would seek one more term in office. Not wishing to campaign against a fellow Republican, Mr. Parish withdrew and voluntarily ended his campaign.

Mr. Parish then determined that it would not be proper to keep the contributions that his campaign had already received. He was advised, however, that existing law prevented him from making such unprecedented returns. Still, convinced that it would be the right thing to do, Mr. Parish spent his own time and efforts to convince the State legislature to amend the law as he requested.

I know that this voluntary example of personal integrity is true because I actually received a check from the Parish Campaign committee for the amount that I had contributed.

Sussex County residents have a rare opportunity here and should vote for George Parish, a man of demonstrated integrity, on Primary Day, Sept. 6.

Jerry Cunningham