Letter — Sirkis gets support of Bethany resident


I have known Jim Sirkis for more than six years as neighbor and friend. During that time, he has always been absolutely honest, helpful, friendly, responsible, humorous and exceedingly intelligent.

Jim is a retired businessman in the field of information technology. He understands completely how the digital world works and understands how the real world works. He is innovative in his thinking and a genuine problem-solver.

I was struck Friday night by the members of the council and their apparent knowledge of surveys, data, evaluations and consultations. They seem to understand their data, but the problems have remained the problems during their tenures. I think we have financed enough surveys about our problems... we need action to fix these issues.

Our town has been allowed to expand with minimum concern for our limited infrastructure, so that now we have physical safety issues and no space with which to address them. The council has tried mightily with bike lanes, etc., but because of our physical limitations, we are now facing the consequences of unrestrained growth stimulated and approved by council.

And now one current council member wants to stimulate more year-round businesses to complicate matters further. And none of the present members seem to have a solution for the parking problems.

I think that is why this town needs Jim Sirkis on the council. He is a strong, innovative problem-solver. He has been his entire career.

I would urge Bethany Beach residents to vote for James Sirkis.

Arnold Binderman
Bethany Beach