Area responders show bravery, commitment again

We like to brag on our community in this space as much as we can.

It’s easy to find the negative and do some “Monday morning quarterbacking” on decisions by governmental bodies or first-responders, but, let’s be honest, there’s plenty of negative in the world out there, and it’s just as easy to find the positive if one were so inclined. And, sometimes, the positives of this community just jump out as clear as day.

While many of us counted our blessings for being spared the wrath of Hurricane Florence, we also recognized we were fortunate, and had sympathy for those who weren’t so lucky. Some of our community members took another selfless step.

Responders from all three Delaware counties, including some from our Dagsboro and Frankford fire companies, headed south on Saturday, Sept. 15, to lend their efforts and expertise to those hit hardest in North Carolina. Some of them left their families and jobs behind so they could provide help to complete strangers, and put themselves at risk in the process. They also helped provide coverage in those areas as their responders dealt with an influx of calls due to the storm.

We’re proud of the brave men and women who serve our community, and thank them for all they do. Every single day.