Bethany Beach looking at old answer for floods

Bethany Beach floods some times. 

As a coastal town that is only a few feet above sea level at its highest point, Bethany Beach certainly has a problem with flooding, particularly after intense storms that dump inches of rain in a short period of time, pushing water from the Assawoman Canal into the Loop Canal, raising the Loop Canal’s water level, thus dumping copious amounts of water back on to the town’s streets.

It is a struggle that officials in Bethany have struggled with for as long as there have been officials in Bethany Beach, and one that remains in the forefront of the public.

Former Bethany Beach Town Councilman Harry Steele proposed a bladder dam years ago to help keep water from going from the Assawoman Canal to the Loop Canal, and hopefully reducing the flood impact on the town.

Officials are bringing back the idea for a closer look now, following in the footsteps of a surprise storm on Oct. 12 that dropped about 5 inches of rain on the town, causing flooding. Town Manager Cliff Graviet said the Loop Canal rose 2 feet.

We’re not sure if the dam will work, or even happen, but we applaud the Town for trying. There probably is no surefire answer, but any help would be welcomed by Bethany’s residents.