Frankford officials looking at water plant efficiency

The Frankford Town Council is in the early stages of talks with Tidewater Utilities to find ways to improve the Town’s water quality and the efficiency of its water plant.

Council Vice President Greg Welch said at the Monday, Nov. 5, council meeting that he had met with Tidewater representatives “to try to come up with a more efficient way to produce water” for the Town.

“We’re trying to get some ideas for better, cheaper water that could really help us out,” Welch said. “But,” he cautioned, “we’ve got to finance it.”

Welch said one thing being investigated is a different type of filtering system than what the Town water plant currently uses. The new system, he said, would produce “softer water” than the current one.

He added that, ideally, a new system should have already been installed.

“We should have gone down that path when they redesigned the plant,” Welch said.

A change to an ion-exchange system at that time would have been beneficial, he said.

“We should have had some oversight from the State” and former council members, Welch said.

Welch also provided something of an update on the possibility of the Town annexing a mobile home park owned by Nino D’Orazio. No application for annexation had been received at that point, Welch said, adding that he believes the cost of annexing into the town has proven to be a barrier for D’Orazio.

Meanwhile, he encouraged other property owners on the edge of town who would like to receive town water to contact the Town.

“Anyone who wants to come in is welcome to come to us,” he said.

The council is beginning preparations for the town council election in February. Both Welch’s and Council President Joanne Bacon’s terms will expire in 2019.


By Kerin Magill

Staff Reporter