Punkin Chunkin looking for a new home, hoping to build tradition

“It’s official. We are back — although, we never left or dissolved, despite any rumors,” the organizers of the World Punkin Chunkin Championship announced recently.

The event “may have been dormant for the past two years, but there were plenty of pumpkins being chunked around the country,” they said, noting that the only officially sanctioned event that was permitted to utilize the trademark in 2018 was Punkin Chunkin Colorado.

“In the coming months, we will recognize the participants, champions and new record holders from their event. We can’t thank the City of Aurora and its volunteers enough for helping to keep our tradition going,” they added.

“The past two years have been the hardest on our non-profit organization, both mentally and financially, following the unfortunate incident in 2016 and the ensuing litigation,” they said, noting that the case was resolved with no admission or finding of liability on the association’s part.

“However, the board remains committed, and our membership is still intact. It is this type of commitment and loyalty within our organization that compels us to move forward. We collectively feel that there is something about tradition that is worth fighting for.”

Organizers of the original Sussex County event said that, going forward, they need options and support.

“The immediate obstacle in determining if we can hold a 2019 Championship is land,” they said. “Our land requirements are a minimum of 600 acres for parking, camping, vending and participants. Less land can be utilized with some creative thinking. If we can’t stay a Delaware tradition, we hope to become an Eastern Shore tradition, benefiting from laws in Maryland and Virginia for non-profits. If all else fails, it is our hope to continue to be an American tradition.”

Punkin Chunkin organizers said anyone who feels they can help Punkin Chunkin continue should email info@punkinchunkin.com.