Brown Brothers Brewing eyes Dagsboro’s Savannah Square

Small craft-brew business gets preliminary approval from council

A different type of business is looking to provide Dagsboro residents with a friendly, relaxed atmosphere for beer drinkers to enjoy the fine crafts of a microbrewery, and the Dagsboro Town Council this week unanimously gave their initial approval to get the ball rolling.

Brown Brothers Brewing made a presentation to the Dagsboro Town Council during the council meeting on Monday, Feb. 25, with hopes of gaining formal approval to open a 2,500-foot location within the Savannah Shopping Center in Dagsboro. The only apparent roadblock the business faces is a Planning & Zoning ordinance that does not currently have any terminology on the books for this type of business.

A public hearing to allow for the P&Z ordinance to be updated will be announced, and will likely greenlight the process for the brothers to fulfill a dream of theirs. Upon official approval, the company is planning to secure a 15-year lease in the center, with hopes of opening their doors to customers sometime in November 2019.

“It’s an ideal location, with an outdoor sidewalk that will be suitable for walk-in customers, as well as a parking lot large enough for adequate parking — which will allow for food trucks to visit on weekends and cater to our customers,” said Zach Brown, the only Brown brother in attendance, who made the presentation to the town council on Monday.

The location will have the capacity to have 18 four-top tables and 10 bar-area seats in the front of the house. It will also feature a small stage where the brothers hope to host acoustic musical artists on the weekends for entertainment. The rear part of the facility will house the brewery, fermentation room, cold keg-room and office.

“Brown Brothers Brewing is all out to give craft beer lovers in the Dagsboro area a value for their money,” Brown continued. “One thing that is certain is that it will operate in the neatest environments and maintain excellent customer service.”

Two of the brothers have a background in business management, while another is a graduate of renowned culinary institute Johnson & Wales. They eventually hope to have a food menu, but since they are fully funding the project with their own capital, they are focused solely on the brewery aspect to start.

Council members asked a couple of questions of Zach Brown but ultimately were very supportive of the proposal. P&Z Chairperson Kyle Gulbronson explained to the council what language needed to be amended to allow for the business to gain approval, and the special public hearing should be the final step in getting that process completed.


By Jason Feather

Staff Reporter