Beans, Birds, & Beer on tap for March 9

The 2019 Beans, Birds, & Beer (BB&B) series is in full swing, with the next trip scheduled for March 9 in Southern Delaware.

Locally-based Delmarva Birding Weekends is inviting hundreds of nature enthusiasts to the shore for year-round birding, including walks on private and public lands, boat cruises, and paddles for looks at waterfowl, eagles, songbirds, herons, egrets, baby pelicans and even seals. The trips traverse what are considered some of the most pristine habitats on the East Coast in Delaware and Maryland.

The BB&B trip on Saturday, March 9, will start with coffee in Lewes, followed by a jaunt around Cape Henlopen State Park to see brown-headed nuthatches, loons, scoters and other bay and sea ducks.

Participants will have lunch on their own, followed by the Lewes boat tour out to the stone breakwaters and ice breakers in search of seals, waterfowl and seabirds, including great cormorants, gannets, loons, scoters, eiders and, with luck, a harlequin duck or razorbill. The boat features an enclosed cabin with window viewing and a top deck for open-air enthusiasts.

The day will end at Irish Eyes in Lewes with a “tally rally” to aggregate the day’s bird list.

In March, Delmarva Birding Weekends will launch the sign-ups for the spring birding weekend, April 25-28, with trips all over the Lower Shore in Maryland and Delaware. That will be followed by the Smith Island Pelican Tours to see the white newborn brown pelican “puff balls” near Smith Island, and Sunset Seabird Safaris to enjoy breeding herons, egrets, ibis and oystercatchers in the bays behind Ocean City, Md., and Assateague Island.

People can sign up for the March BB&B trip at

Last fall, Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan issued an acclaimed Transactional Tourism Award for the popular events.

Eagles, eiders, purple sandpipers, falcons and more than 25 species of duck, goose and swan are on full display in the Mid-Atlantic for about four months each year. More than 120 species were tallied in 2019 during the winter birding weekend in January, including a golden eagle, razorbills, eiders, harlequin ducks and three seal species.

The Delmarva Peninsula is considered one of the country’s premier birding areas, thanks to an extensive variety of habitat protected by coastal parks, refuges and wildlife management areas. More than 400 bird species have been recorded in the region, and some Birding Weekend tallies have topped 200 species.

“Delaware is teeming with bird species in winter,” said Southern Delaware Tourism Director Scott Thomas. “And this is a great place to experience them.”

Participants can also enjoy knowing that they’ve helped Delmarva’s birds by promoting birding and habitat conservation. Birders, both novice and experienced, make an important statement about the economic value of birds and their habitats through the money they spend in local hotels, restaurants and shops, said Rapp.

Sponsors for the event include the Delmarva Almanac, the Boardwalk Hotel Group, Jolly Roger Amusement Park, Worcester County Tourism and Southern Delaware Tourism. Event registration and sponsorship information can be found at