Business Professionals of America providing futures for young leaders

Have you ever wanted to get involved in an organization that would help you with your leadership skills? If you answered yes, then Business Professionals of America is for you! They offer scholarships, experience and many amazing opportunities.

Businesses around America donate to BPA in the hopes of helping a student get a scholarship. For secondary- and post-secondary level members, you can be given the chance to apply for these scholarships.

As of now, you can apply for the Sherrell Wheeler Scholarship, Tomorrow’s Business Professionals Scholarships and the National Technical Honor Society Scholarships — but scholarships do come at a price. Many of the requirements include seeing academic success and involvement in BPA. If you join Business Professionals of America, you have the chance to get these scholarships. It is just a matter of time!

Business Professionals of America offers experiences that will help you in your future career. BPA stretches from middle school to college, so imagine the experience you could get within all of those years. This organization will prepare you for careers in business administration, finance, accounting, information technology, video production, human resources, computer programming, graphic and web design, and small-business entrepreneurship. With all of these skills gained, you will be very successful in your career.

Like scholarships and experience, you can be given amazing opportunities. BPA holds leadership conferences where you can compete against other chapters in different states. In previous years, these conferences were held in Texas, Ohio, Florida, Massachusetts, New York and more. These are only three of the many opportunities you can be given in Businesses Professionals of America.


By Sara Kilby

Mariner Middle School