Millville approves changes to Millville By the Sea

At its Feb. 26 workshop meeting, the Millville Town Council voted to approve changes to the road and right-of-way plats for Millville By the Sea and three sections of that community.

The issue had been tabled from the council’s Feb. 12 meeting so that the matter could be better researched. Town Solicitor Seth Thompson explained at the Feb. 26 meeting that the move involves the dedication of an area of open space in regards to stormwater management in the development.

Al Ruble, project manager for Millville Town Center LLC, the developer of Millville by the Sea, told the council that the measure will ensure that the Millville by the Sea’s Master Community Association will be responsible for maintenance and repair of the stormwater management system in the individual communities, rather than the property owners’ associations in the individual communities within Millville by the Sea. 

The move covers the roads and rights-of-way in the communities of Sand Dollar Village I and II, and Lakeside Village, as well as Summerwind Village.

Ruble told the council that with the construction of a new community within Millville by the Sea, Peninsula Village, stormwater drainage will be reduced in the rest of the community because of improvements to the drainage system.

“We’ve done a number of things through the years to try to help that area along a little bit,” Ruble said. “It’s better,” he said, adding that “the important thing here is that the MCA will maintain and repair whatever’s necessary moving forward.”


By Kerin Magill

Staff Reporter