Local business expanding with national franchising

HydroHero recently launched their national franchise, giving would-be business owners the opportunity “to be the hero of moisture and mold in their local area.” Almost a year in the making, HydroHero is now available for franchise in select markets throughout the United States.

After the 2015 opening of its first location in Frankford, HydroHero has become known for its crawlspace encapsulations, and representatives said the company has received a growing demand from fellow industry professionals to bring its concept outside of Delaware and Maryland.

Locally, in addition to recognition for their crawlspace encapsulations, they deal with anything mold- and moisture-related.

“Education, bettering the industry and combing two industries that we love” was the dream of Robert L. Keefer II and his wife, Elizabeth, they said, when they developed their first corporate location four years ago. With more than 25 years combined experience, the couple said they joined multiple industries to better serve homeowners and business owners alike.

“With the steady rise of homeowners increasingly aware of the significant negative effects that both poor foundational health and indoor air quality have on their wellbeing and the space they love so much,” they said, the team created their craft.

The Keefers said attention to detail, a working knowledge of the industry and a passion for what they do has earned the couple compliments ranging from “You can now eat dinner down there,” to “The vapor barrier is so smooth it looks like an ice skating rink!”

But, by far, they said, the icing on the cake was when a homeowner actually reported that he “slept in his crawl space” he was so taken aback by the transformation.

Now known as “Crawlspace Keefer” and “the Mold Girl,” the Keefers are expanding their business nationwide by offering franchise locations in select United States markets. For more information, contact franchise@hydrohero.com or visit hydrohero.com.