Responding to Lorraine Gloede’s letter


I am writing in response to Lorraine Gloede’s letter on Senate Bill 22, the National Popular Vote Bill. I attended the League of Women Voters’ event in Georgetown where a panel of three discussed the bill then pending in the Delaware legislature.

State Sens. Brian Townsend (Democrat) and Anthony Delcollo (Republican) both spoke strongly in support of the bill, as did a representative from the National Popular Vote committee, who identified himself as a conservative Republican. They detailed the problems with the current system’s effects, including the concentration of presidential campaigning in a dozen states and the distribution of tax money and other benefits to influence a small number of swing states. They pointed out that Delaware, along with some 30 other states, is virtually ignored.

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Some Republicans attending the event were clearly in favor of the current system because it benefits them. However, the representative from the committee pointed out that if the party has a good program, voters can be persuaded. Also, if the tables turned, they would have a different view.

Finally, the Electoral College remains intact, and the law can be undone if unintended consequences occur. I’m pleased that the Delaware legislature approved the bill, and I hope more states will join the compact.


Diann Sherwin