A town council candidate weighs in


I am a candidate for the Ocean View Town Council and want to highlight briefly the topics of budgeting, land use and Town identity.

At its April 9 meeting, the Town Council is scheduled to approve Draft 3 of the FY2020 budget, which I support. One important note is that none of the income from transfer taxes (both new home sales and resales) will go to operating expenses. All $4,750,000 of the projected five-year total of these transfer tax receipts will continue to be prudently allocated to the Town’s three trust funds (Emergency Reserve, Capital Replacement and Street Repair & Replacement).

Ocean View needs to fully update its 10-year Comprehensive Plan in 2020, and I look forward to being a part of this process. The Town boundaries run from where the Assawoman Canal meets White Creek to the north, down along Central Avenue to the west and Muddy Neck Road to the east.

There are approximately 40 communities of varying sizes in Ocean View, from Avon Park to Woodland Park, and the Town has grown larger through annexation. Deliberating the Town’s land use for the coming decade is an important undertaking, and I encourage residents to participate.

With so many housing communities and the Town’s straddling of Atlantic Avenue, it’s a challenge defining Ocean View’s identity. I think it will help if we emphasize the Town’s history, and explore ways to further publicize and capitalize on the many houses still here from the 1800s and our Historical Complex, including the Tunnel-West House and the Evans West House. The Town has been a supportive ally of the Ocean View Historical Society, and I would like to help pursue this collaboration.

Please share your concerns and suggestions with me at brucewhite.april13@gmail.com. I hope you will register by April 1 and vote on April 13.


Bruce White

Ocean View