Readers on the anti-litter bandwagon


We were very pleased by the letter from Dave Moeller (in the March 22, 2019, Coastal Point) regarding the litter problem in Delaware. He nailed it!

When we were traveling to Ocean View from our previous home in Maryland in late 2015 and early 2016 to see our new home being built, we were amazed and disheartened by the amount of roadside litter that never seems to get cleaned up.

The sources seem to be, in no order, trash and other trucks, construction areas not “KP’d” (including in my own residential community), recycling trash cans not tightly secured (particularly on windy days) and uncaring pedestrians and motorists. It is no better today than when we first arrived in Delaware.

Fines need to be assessed! The State, County and local governments have a responsibility to aggressively educate school children and adults. The media (TV and radio) need to go back to public service announcements as they did until, we believe, the 1980s. Civic and residential organizations could “adopt a highway,” but government needs to take the lead.

Is littering part of our national and local disgrace? We think so.


Diane and Art Kelly

Ocean View