Local stylists Shine in new location

One doesn’t have to travel too far to get metropolitan salon treatment right at the beach. Shine by the Sea Creative Hair Design, owned by stylists and friends Terryn Spencer and Giovanna Forrey, offers anything one could possibly want from a salon.

“Somebody said we’re the Steel Magnolias of Ocean View… but without the big hair,” Spencer said with a laugh. “We bring the knowledge from the metro area to a small town. A lot of people here think they have to go back to D.C. or Baltimore or Philly to get their hair done. We’re capable of it here, and we’re all from metropolitan areas.”

“It’s true,” added Forrey. “When I first moved here, it was hard to find someone who fit my needs.”

From a blowout, to cut and color, up-styles and highlights for men and women, Shine does it all. And now they have a beautiful new studio space in Ocean View.

“I’ve been doing hair for over 20 years. I worked in About Faces in Baltimore. My parents were hair stylists,” said Forrey, who met Spencer in Baltimore at the playground with their kids. “We became friends. She was working down here, and we decided to start doing wedding hair. We didn’t want to go to a big salon.”

Spencer wasn’t always driven to the beauty industry. She first earned a bachelor’s degree in fine art with a minor in graphic design from the University of Maryland at College Park.

“I didn’t start doing hair until I was 30. I didn’t like being in an office all day and wanted to be more creative… I had a hair stylist who also had an art degree from the Corcoran, and I started asking her questions about it,” she said, noting she eventually went to night school at the Robert Paul Academy of Cosmetology in Maryland. “So now, instead of painting and drawing, I do hair.”

Cosmetology is in Forrey’s blood, as her parents were both in the beauty industry, although it took her a while to come to realize she wanted to go into the industry. She, too, is a graduate of the Robert Paul Academy of Cosmetology.

“When I was little, I never wanted to do hair. Then, after high school, I thought I’d go,” she recalled, noting her sister-in-law at the time was a stylist. “I looked up to her, and I thought it was cool she did it. I loved it and just stuck with it.”

Both Spencer and Forrey worked at local salons when they moved to the beach, before deciding to open their own studio.

“We wanted to expand the wedding business into hair, color and cut,” said Spencer. “We specialize in events, but we don’t only do events.”

Having moved from a home studio, the new Shine salon offers a warm atmosphere, with a waiting area with faux fireplace, four styling chairs and shampoo area.

“When you come in, you get that one-on-one attention. It’s not like somebody is waiting here. We shampoo our clients — we’re with them from beginning to end,” said Forrey. “It’s small; clients will talk to each other. It’s a warm feeling here.”

Shine is known for their bridal styling work, which has been featured in area publications including Delaware Seaside Bride, and in advertisements.

“Most people don’t like to do wedding hair,” said Forrey.

“I liked it because of the creativity of it,” added Spencer.

The ladies go on-site to locations selected by the brides, or the bridal parties can meet at Shine’s new location.

“We used to get people all the time who wanted their hair curled or blown out for their rehearsal dinner, and we couldn’t do it, but now they can get that done at the salon the day before,” said Spencer. “We can come to them, and they don’t have to worry about someone in their bridal party being stuck between a foil and a perm and whatever else. It works out really well.”

“It’s all about the wedding and that day. We don’t book any other clients the rest of the day,” said Forrey. noting that even though the salon is closed on Sundays and Mondays, they’ll work with clients’ schedules.

Special event styling is also available through Shine — such as party coiffures and Halloween makeup.

“We went off-site the other week for a group of women who attended the masquerade ball for the Boys & Girls Club of Rehoboth. We did that last year, too. It’s not just weddings — we do other events,” said Spencer.

Along with bridal stylings, clients may also book Marisa Mysko, a licensed skin therapist, through Shine.

Mysko graduated from Von Lee International School of Aesthetics in 2009 and worked for numerous beauty companies, including Smashbox Cosmetics.

“I’ve been doing makeup since 2011, working for cosmetics companies, doing weddings and events on the side. I did work as an aesthetician for a salon, but it’s hard to balance skin, makeup and a family,” she said. “Skin is a big part of makeup, so it’s nice that I have that. I’m able to apply makeup better because I can prep the skin properly.”

Mysko said she’s always had an interest in skin and “everything that entailed.”

“Even when I was a young girl, I was giving myself honey masks and the DIY stuff. I’ve always been into self-care and trying new things. It just fit and the timeline was right for me.”

Bridal parties looking to book with Shine do not have to use the studio for both hair and makeup; however, they will work in tandem.

“I would do makeup for someone who needs a headshot for a website,” said Mysko. “I’ve done music videos and TV personalities. Bridal is the main thing, but I can do anything.”

Just like the hair stylists at Shine, Mysko said she, too, will travel on-site to do a bridal party’s makeup.

“It’s whatever the client wants — if they want me to go to their home, I will. If they want me to go to the hotel for the wedding, which is most common, I will.”

She added that the new studio space is the perfect place to host bridal parties.

“I think not everyone likes to go to a big venue to get services. Sometimes they just want a more intimate experience”

While the wedding business is booming, Shine is still a beauty salon that offers studio services. Stylist Dawna Danieri also works with the Shine team behind the chair.

“I think a lot of our clients become almost like family,” said Forrey.

The studio is accepting new clients and holds regular appointments Tuesdays through Saturdays.

“We always block more time for a new client, to get to know them and their hair,” said Spencer of the salon’s consultations for new clients.

The new studio also features a calming treatment room in the back utilized by licensed aesthetician Alexis Brown, who specializes in Ayurveda facial massage, microdermabrasion and eyebrow tattooing.

The studio is also one of a select few in the area that uses and sell Davines hair care color and products, which Spencer praised.

“I think it’s great you can get a nice ash and no gold tones,” she said. “For a place at the beach, I wouldn’t use any other color. It’s just great all around.”

They also sell jewelry and hair accessories, as well as Beauty Counter Cosmetics, sold by Mysko.

Offering more to the community

The studio is now branching out to offer after-hour group events. Shine has already hosted its first makeup class with Mysko, who serves as the salon’s in-house makeup artist.

“I’m from Baltimore, and I used to do them there with another artist. When I moved down here, I wanted to continue that. I just had to wait to find the right fit,” said Mysko.

Forrey said they hope to host a makeup class once a month, if possible. The classes are booked in advance for up to 10 guests.

Those who attend will be provided with a set of quality makeup brushes to use, as well as a complimentary glass of champagne and snacks. Guests are also welcome to bring their favorite wine or spirit.

“I think classes are for people who want to invest in themselves for the long-term because they can’t make it to the salon all the time.”

The class can help women avoid making common beauty mistakes and improve their overall look.

“For skincare, they’re not customizing their regimen. They know they’re dry, but they’re not necessarily buying products for dry skin. They’re kind of missing the mark on getting really good results.

“For makeup, possibly not knowing just how to apply it like, putting too much of it on… The placement of certain products can make all the difference.”

Mysko is consultant for Beauty Counter Cosmetics, so those who attend will be able to purchase items at the end of the class, if they wish.

“There’s a need and desire for women to learn makeup. It’s a fun way to do it when you incorporate local food and some cocktails. Everyone likes to socialize, and it’s fun because you’re learning something,” Mysko said. “It’s an investment in themselves because they’re going to be able to leave the class with new knowledge they can apply every day. It’s very beneficial.”

Classes run about two hours and can be scheduled for private parties or attendees may join an open class.

“We didn’t start for the first 15 minutes because everyone was talking and getting to know everyone. You don’t want to rush, you want to socialize. They really enjoyed themselves,” Mysko said.

Mysko said she brought the class idea with her from Baltimore, where they were extremely popular.

“We would sometimes do ‘lashes and lipstick,’ how to do the perfected lip or a bold lid with lashes. Another class was a highlighting and contour class… Every product or step could be its own class.

“When you get down to learning how to be really good at something, you can’t just do it in 20 minutes, so having the correct amount of time to explain and show why you’re doing what you’re doing is important. I don’t like anything to be rushed.”

The studio has also held an “Evening with Spirit” with local intuitive spiritual counselor and psychic medium Donna McEntee, and hopes to host more.

Shine is also looking to do more work with community organizations like SEAs the Day, and have donated to a number of local organizations, including the VFW.

While in Baltimore, Mysko was involved with the Look Good, Feel Better Foundation, a hands-on workshop that teaches beauty techniques to people with cancer to help them manage the appearance-related side effects of cancer treatment.

Forrey and Spencer said they’re excited to welcome the community into their new space and hope to continue to grow.

“We’re just trying to find out what the community wants, and we’re trying to offer things and taking notes,” said Spencer. “We want to be an active member of the community.”

Shine by the Sea Creative Hair Design is located at 111 Atlantic Avenue, Suite 5, in Ocean View. To learn more about the studio and their services, visit www.shinebythesea.com or call (302) 537-0500. Those interested in upcoming classes may also visit Shine’s Facebook page, at www.facebook.com/SHINE-by-the-Sea-Creative-Hair-Design-217905225223724.

By Maria Counts
Staff Reporter