Fundraiser scheduled for Dagsboro family

It’s been a roller-coaster week for a little girl from Dagsboro named Aurora.

 Easter break started well for the third-grader, who celebrated the holiday with not one but four Easter egg hunts — a welcome break from the months of hospitalization she’s endured while fighting cancer. Then a surgery planned for Monday, April 22 had to be postponed.

 Aurora and her mother, Lauren Limmer, are hoping to end the week on a high note — with a fundraiser at one of Aurora’s favorite places.

 Diagnosed with cancer in November 2018, Aurora traveled to Alfred I. du Pont Hospital for Children in Wilmington on Monday, April 22, to have a tumor removed from her abdomen. Doctors also planned to remove her appendix at the same time because of recent infection issues, according to Aurora’s mother, Lauren Limmer.

 Limmer said doctors were pleased that Aurora’s tumor, called a neuroblastoma, has shrunk since her diagnosis and were hopeful the surgery would be a success. Unfortunately, Aurora’s pre-surgery blood work showed that Aurora’s platelets were low, as was her “ANC” — which stands for “absolute neutrophil count,” a measure of a type of white blood cells that fight infection, and her red blood cell count was also low.

 So the surgery has been rescheduled for Monday, April 29. This setback is the latest in a series of ups and downs that many with cancer experience, and Lauren Limmer says her daughter generally just rolls with them. “She is a fighter. She is pulling through everything like a champ,” Limmer said recently.

 Aurora had a great Easter at the Carousel Hotel (in Ocean City, Md.)” Limmer said adding she was able to do four Easter egg hunts during the weekend — two at the Carousel and two more from the “Easter bunny” at her school. “Aurora said she wants to thank the entire third-grade class in her school and says she misses all of them,” Limmer said. Aurora has been receiving home instruction since her diagnosis.

 The Carousel is a special place for Aurora and her family because she loves to skate and the front desk staff at the hotel have taken a special interest in her. That has led to a “Skate Party” fundraiser at the hotel, planned for Saturday, April 27 starting at 5 p.m., with proceeds going toward the Limmers’ expenses from Aurora’s illness.

 Both Limmer and her mother Denise Limmer, who has been helping with Aurora’s treatments and appointments, have had to quit their jobs because of Aurora’s medical needs, Limmer said.

 Skate rental is $10 for the skate party. In addition to the skating, there will also be raffles and a bake sale. Limmer said she is hoping Aurora can at least attend the party.

 Those who can’t attend the skate party can still contribute to Aurora and her family through a GoFundMe page at the following link: