Reader voices concerns about litter


It is encouraging to see the recent editorials regarding the ongoing issue of litter in our state. 

I, too, am saddened and extremely disturbed to see the amount of trash and debris on our local roads, highways, fields, and in our own communities, a situation that has been getting progressively worse. It seems that everywhere you turn there are bottles, cans, plastic bags, containers and a variety of other items strew about. It has gone beyond trash falling off sanitation trucks or construction vehicles. It is very apparent that there are those among us who have decided it is easier to toss their trash out of a car window than to dispose of it properly. That is a real shame.

I implore our state and local representatives to continue to monitor the state of our roads and highways to ensure the litter is removed as often as possible. However, we cannot rely on government alone to fix this. With a minimal amount of effort, we can help alleviate this problem within our own communities. If we do not take this seriously, and if this trend continues, everyone will suffer the consequences — residents and visitors alike. Let us not turn our natural and beautiful surroundings into a dumping ground for waste. We must be good stewards of our land and strive to become part of the solution.

Jacqueline Nielsen

Ocean View